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Dwarf Cherry Stella   –   Sorry I haven’t posted here in a while, I have been busy with art and craft work on my other blogs and also with the garden. Well, the Scottish spring weather is keeping us on our toes. Only a few days ago we were basking in sunshine and summer temperatures, yet this morning we woke up to a covering of snow and hail. This image of cherry blossom was taken just before the hail storms hit, maybe it will tie us over until the weather improves?

Cherry Blossom

Dwarf Cherry Stella


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Moonglow   –   This will be too much processing for many but I rather like it, and the image did kind of ask for having a bit of fun with it. It shows the blossom of my pollinator pear ‘Moonglow’, which seems to be doing so much better than the main tree ‘Conference’. However, as I have been rather unlucky with my pear trees in past years I am thinking beggars can’t be choosers, and if we end up eating ‘Moonglow’ instead of ‘Conference’ then so be it, just as long as I get some pears this year!  😉



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Rosemary   –   Well, I thought I might go into the garden and get some nice photographs of the plum tree blossom this morning, as we finally have a blue sky and sunshine. Even with the slight breeze I might have been able to produce something usable. I say might have, as I discovered to my annoyance that I have accidentally left my camera in the car overnight, which is away with somebody else now, so there will be no new pictures today and I have to fall back on existing stock.

Which, in this case, isn’t really that old – this is showing the rosemary in my garden three days ago. Being a Mediterranean plant I had not expected it to do too well, especially since we have the most awful soil, too. It struggled in the first few years and after one winter I thought I had lost it, so much of it had died off. Then we had these really cold, snowy winters, and for some strange reason it has taken off after that. I pretty much leave it alone, and it is now a metre high bushy shrub, and one of the first to bloom in the spring, too. Which is a surprise every year and I keep thinking ‘should it be doing that’ when I see it covered in its pale blue flowers while it is still so cold outside. However, I am not complaining, at least this tough nut does not require as much molly coddling as some of my other garden plants.

Apologies for the focus issues, it was a bitty windy that day…

The Mediterranean In Scotland

The Mediterranean In Scotland

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Rose   –   This is the same small bush rose as in the post the other day, but a different angle and different settings.



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Rose   –   This is a small bush rose one of my neighbours gave me a few years ago when she cleared her border. I have no idea if it is named or not and there isn’t much of a scent but it is doing its best to look pretty in the morning sun.

Only when looking through the images on the pc did I notice the thousands of tiny dew drops on the petals, – thanks to my not so great eyesight and my shoddy (as always rushed) technique I  completely missed them when I was taking the photograph. In my defence I hadn’t expected to see dew as this far north in the country the sun rises early, about 04.40 this morning in fact, and while I was up early it wasn’t this early – I have too much going on in the daytime to survive that. 

It was just by sheer luck that I used appropriate settings  – I wasn’t so lucky with other pictures where I did mostly what I usually do which is go for the narrow depth of field. Unfortunately that kind of destroys the cute look of the little droplets, and it’s not as if I could go back later to re-take the shot as the dew doesn’t last in this glorious sunshine… Oh well, another thing to bear in mind when getting the camera out. Apart from taking glasses, that is.



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Escallonia   –   Something a wee bitty different today. I have been quiet the last couple of days as other matters require my attention, though I have been trying to create an image of the blooms on this shrub which I have had in my mind for a while. Alas, the weather has been uncooperative with the grey sky in the early morning and the blazing sun right overhead later in the day, so my efforts have not been particularly fruitful.

We finally had the blue skies and sunshine early on this morning and I had another go, but not much time so I didn’t indulge in the dozens of experiments the way I usually do. (You have to learn somehow, and taking different approaches and comparing the results afterwards has been a slow going but very effective learning curve for me)

Looking through the images on the computer screen turned out disappointing. Until I started playing with the various settings, that is, and this appeared 🙂  It may not be to everyone’s liking and looks nothing like I had envisaged, but it strikes a chord with me as I currently find so little time to do the drawing and painting I would love to do…I should probably use it as inspiration….

Get The Brushes Out

Get The Brushes Out

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The Lookout Garden 2   –   Showing a different angle from the one posted a few days ago,  featuring the cottage garden and the rose pergola behind. Unfortunately it wasn’t time for the roses to be in bloom yet, but still, there was so much to see already.  The background shows a little of the view over the Moray Firth and part of the Kessock Bridge connecting Inverness and the Black Isle.

For Kari

For Kari

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