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Whelks and Diamonds   2 comments

2017.05.24 Snail on the beach 5282Blog

Common Periwinkle (Littorina littorea) on the sandy beach at Burghead


Waiting for Breakfast   1 comment

This wee fellow was patiently waiting for his turn to get to the feeder.

Robin in tree

Waiting for Breakfast – Robin

Song Thrush   2 comments

Song Thrush   –   They visit the garden occasionally, and after watching one trying to crack the shell of a snail in order to eat it, they will be my friends forever. I wish they would attend to that sort of pest control more often.

Song Thrush

Song Thrush

Jay   2 comments

Even he is miserable in this dreary weather we are experiencing this summer…
I was lucky to snap him as he does not like the presence of us humans, even behind kitchen windows! He is away as soon as he sees any movement, every time. Not like the rest of the crow family at all. Many of us could take a leaf out of his book, though, he never gives up, and always, always, comes back!



Investigating   Leave a comment

Common Seal   –   We had company from this curious seal while we were relaxing on a beach at Findhorn Bay at the beginning of the month, when the weather was still nice.

Common Seal


Admiralty – Admiral With Attitude, Look Me In The Eye!   Leave a comment

Red Admiral   –   With summer a mere memory I came across these images in my search for some flowers for today. It is a pity we don’t get as many butterflies as we used to, but they are definitely a welcome addition to the garden when they are there. I couldn’t quite decide between these two photographs – I guess I have reached the stage where you don’t see the wood for trees after looking at so many this morning, so here is a two for one. I didn’t know butterflies have spotty eyes, did you? Have a brilliant Friday, folks, followed by an even better weekend!

Red Admiral

Red Admiral – Admiral With Attitude

Red Admiral

Red Admiral – Look Me In The Eye

Boo!   Leave a comment

Giant House Spider   –   It is that time of year again, apologies to all you arachnophobes out there, but Halloween is almost upon us. Night after night they scuttle across the carpet, no matter how many of them I catch and throw out, there is always another one the next evening. We were told they would be larger than usual this autumn due to the weather conditions we had, but this one was comparatively small. He was missing one leg, which seems to be a common affliction with them, but still, he kept running off, not that I blame him, I don’t like a camera shoved into my face, either. Perhaps, next time I meet him or one of his mates I won’t be so tired and might be enthusiastic enough to sort out some decent lighting for a photograph.

Apparently they have a potent venom, but are not aggressive, this bit of info is from a well known, not always particularly factual news publication. I wouldn’t go running to the pest controllers in a hurry though, most spiders resident in the UK do not have a powerful enough bite to pierce human skin, so you will be just fine with these fellows, even if they look a bit scary.

Giant House Spider


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